Campus ERP

It is a high performance campus management solution that allows seamless operation across all user profiles.

With its vision for Academic Excellence Campus ERP will be the NextGen technology for the delivery of education! You will appreciate the research that has gone into making an Intuitive User Interface. With several dashboards targeting individual specific roles, data analysis and well-designed reports, you will have the information in your fingertips with almost zero data entry.

Campus Mobile (Part of Campus ERP) - a tablet based application for the Teaching staff.

It is designed to help teachers spend more time in the classroom and not in front of computer for data entry. Also this will provides every single feature that a teaching staff would need in their day-to-day job.

Day Schedule, Teaching Plans, Tasks, Assignments, Attendance, Examination Results Entry, Student Performance dashboards, Weekly Timetable schedules, Campus Messages to name a few.

Campus ERP provides a very effective mobile solution to achieve an error free administration of academics and reporting.

Campus Mobile runs on Android/iOS based phones and tablets.



CTOB ERP is a web-based ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies that is released under the Openbravo Public License, based on the Mozilla Public License Openbravo is a good platform to build out smart enterprise solutions and has broad business functionality that helps business to go live onto a production ERP in relatively short timeframes.

Is easily configurable off-the-shelf.

Has shorter implementation cycles.

Is easily scalable to meet the needs of a growing organisation.

Is an easy-to-integrate to platform.

Is built on open source technology platform.

Is modular, with extensive add-ons.

Has multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting, multi-organisational capabilities


Odoo (The New OpenERP) is Comprehensive, Lucrative Business Suite covering all the business needs from Website / E-commerce to Manufacturing, Inventory to Accounting etc. Odoo is very flexible and fully integrated to cover all the complex business process. Odoo is an opensource alternative to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft & other enterprise resource planning software’s. It is a solution to all your business problems. It allows you to start with single application or module to fit in your needs and install other application when you need them.

Powerful Yet Simple.

Fastest Evolving Software.

Giant Customization Capabilities.

100% OpenSource.

Flexible and Fully Integrated.

User Friendly.


Companies use various solutions to manage the multiple facets of the human resources department: Recruitment, Administration and payroll, Performance, Management, Training and E-learning Management, Talents Management. etc. Each of these modules can be addressed by on-premises solutions (ERP) or using SaaS solutions. Companies now face challenge to connect all these solutions together to provide a meaningful and consistent HR data.


HRMS CT Connect simplifies the integration of the various HR applications used by the company and presents synchronized employee-centric data. Hence, the solution allows the company to use heterogeneous set of HR and Non-HR modules (ERP, Talent SaaS, payroll, LDAP, finances) while having reliable and coherent data. HRMS CT Connect completes the HRIS without disrupting the organization already in place. So, the users can continue to login to any HR module to run their usual operations (ex: new employee, address change, training registration.

MIS Solution

Accounting management information systems

All accounting reports are shared by all levels of accounting managers.

Financial management information systems

Analyze historical and current financial activity, and project future financial needs.

Marketing management information systems

Monitor product development, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and sales forecasting

Human resources management information systems

Manage workers, managers, and other individuals employed by the organization. These include performance management systems, employee balance scorecard, timesheet etc.

Management Dashboards

All relevant information at your finger tips.

Our Value Add

Integration of mobile app technology

Cost-effective tailor-made solutions

Customized dashboards

Streamline process and ensure higher ROI

Deep domain expertise

Stringent quality control guidelines

Network Management Software

Fault Management

Immediate Fault Detection via Polling & Traps with Inbuilt Auto-Correlation Mechanism for RCA. Configurable multi-Level Threshold with color-coded Severity Types and Hold-Time Support to Neglect False Alerts. Instant diagnosis options with auto-correction triggering. SLA Mapping for Compliance Tracking.

Performance Monitoring

Multiple Aspect Performance Tracking for Proactive Management. Maintenance of Historical Data for In-Depth Analysis. Extensive Tracking view contained with Multi-Angle Information in the form of Business-specific Dashboards and Overviews. Network Audit & Deep Traffic Analysis done through Real-time and Offline Reports.

Topology Mapping

Automatic Detection of Network Topology via L2, L3 protocols and projection of the data in Diagrammatic View with easy color-coded status. Representation of the mapped data can be displayed through Flat Network View as well as Geo Maps. Simulate Data center architecture on a Live Dashboard using the Network diagram drag-and-drop.

Configuration Management

Manage configurations for routers, switches and other network devices of any vendor. Scheduled Backup and Baseline Tagging of Device configurations. Simplified Change Management through Comparison reports with color-code highlights, Instant notifications, approval settings.

Service Level Agreements

Intelligent SLA monitoring through proactive violation alerting and comprehensive reporting. Resource level SLA specification and support for multiple SLA templates. Option to choose from the default templates to maintain service policies. Separate specification for Outage, Business Hours and Holidays. Enable SLA Timers to prevent unnecessary escalations.

Reports & Dashboards

Fully configurable Dashboards & Reports with multi-tier logical and business views. Default set of pre-configured reports. Analysis driven Capacity Planning. Self driven Auto Reports for specified users.

Help Desk

An ITIL v3 based engine fully packed with features like Business Rules, Data Archiving, Knowledge Base, Ticket Notification, Help Desk Reports and critical processes including Change, Incident, Problem & 24X7 SLA Management, Service Catalog and CMDB. Queue based dynamic workflow with multi-department support.

Workflow Automation

Odyssey is a comprehensive Workflow Automation Platform that ties together your organization’s existing IT infrastructure to achieve savings in time and resources.

Odyssey has automated such diverse activities as: change management, knowledge management; automated disaster recovery; security, control and auditing; compliance, governance and reporting; build and deployment management. Whether deploying configuration changes to a thousand servers or simplifying the paperwork, Odyssey will help you get to your solution more quickly and economically than custom application development.

Customers in such diverse areas as finance and banking, energy and utilities, pharmaceutical and healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, both in the private and public sectors have benefited from Odyssey’s power


Plug-Ins for the World of Information Technology and Business Solutions

No Code Solution

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Form Design

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Everything that your Users need. No less. No more.


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