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Why Choose Us


CTOB ERP is a web-based ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies that is released under the Openbravo Public License, based on the Mozilla Public License Openbravo is a good platform to build out smart enterprise solutions and has broad business functionality that helps business to go live onto a production ERP in relatively short timeframes.

  • Is easily configurable off-the-shelf.

  • Is built on open source technology platform.

  • Has shorter implementation cycles.

  • Is modular, with extensive add-ons.

  • Is easily scalable to meet the needs of a growing organisation.

  • Has multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting, multi-organisational capabilities

  • Is an easy-to-integrate to platform.


Odoo (The New OpenERP) is Comprehensive, Lucrative Business Suite covering all the business needs from Website / E-commerce to Manufacturing, Inventory to Accounting etc. Odoo is very flexible and fully integrated to cover all the complex business process. Odoo is an opensource alternative to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft & other enterprise resource planning software’s. It is a solution to all your business problems. It allows you to start with single application or module to fit in your needs and install other application when you need them.

  • Powerful Yet Simple.

  • Fastest Evolving Software.

  • Giant Customization Capabilities.

  • 100% OpenSource.

  • Flexible and Fully Integrated.

  • User Friendly.