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Why Choose Us

Companies use various solutions to manage the multiple facets of the human resources department: Recruitment, Administration and payroll, Performance, Management, Training and E-learning Management, Talents Management. etc. Each of these modules can be addressed by on-premises solutions (ERP) or using SaaS solutions. Companies now face challenge to connect all these solutions together to provide a meaningful and consistent HR data.

  • HRMS CT Connect simplifies the integration of the various HR applications used by the company and presents synchronized employee-centric data. Hence, the solution allows the company to use heterogeneous set of HR and Non-HR modules (ERP, Talent SaaS, payroll, LDAP, finances) while having reliable and coherent data. HRMS CT Connect completes the HRIS without disrupting the organization already in place. So, the users can continue to login to any HR module to run their usual operations (ex: new employee, address change, training registration.