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Companies use various solutions to manage the multiple facets of the human resources department: Recruitment, Administration and payroll, Performance, Management, Training and E-learning Management, Talents Management. etc. Each of these modules can be addressed by on-premises solutions (ERP) or using SaaS solutions. Companies now face challenge to connect all these solutions together to provide a meaningful and consistent HR data.


HRMS CT Connect simplifies the integration of the various HR applications used by the company and presents synchronized employee-centric data. Hence, the solution allows the company to use heterogeneous set of HR and Non-HR modules (ERP, Talent SaaS, payroll, LDAP, finances) while having reliable and coherent data. HRMS CT Connect completes the HRIS without disrupting the organization already in place. So, the users can continue to login to any HR module to run their usual operations (ex: new employee, address change, training registration.

Travel Desk

ComprehensiveTravel Dashboard Upload Invoices for Easy Reimbursement

Provides transparent reimbursement with the ability to track travel expenditure

Help Desk

Unique solution for raising tickets, assigning agents,etc. Helps set reminders, generate reports, etc.

Helps familiarize userswith app features and frees HR from repetitive tasks & queries

Payroll Management

Statutory Compliant Multi-Salary Structure 3-tier IT Returns with Advance Payout Option

Provides the convenience of remote attendance while also being secure &foolproof

Dashboard & Analytics

Advanced Custom Data Visualizations Periodic Updates & Notifications

Helps gain real-time Insights while also being able to predict future trends

ESS Portal & Mobile App

smHRty &smHRt searcHR Integration App with Geo-fencing & Face Recognition

Keeps even remote employees engaged by Facilitating employee self-service

Performance Management System

Configurable Multi-Stage Appraisal Customizable Performance Grading Matrix

Provides transparent appraisal process while also helping with continuous performance evaluation

Attendance 360 & Leave Management

User - defined Leave Policies Integrated Biometrics&Geo-fencing

Integrated Biometrics&Geo-fencing Provides the convenience of remote attendance while also being secure &foolproof

Employee Management & Health

Holistic Employee Dashboards Dedicated Health Interface

Improves overall HR efficiency and helps review & track assets

Recruitment Management

Scalable lob Creation Complete Digital Onboarding

Provides efficient paperless onboarding after evaluating & comparing candidates