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Project Management

Plan, build, maintain & manage your project by capturing details of sprints, tasks, user stories, bugs, insights, etc

Franchise Management

Unified Helpdesk platform across organizations and their franchisees and 3rd party vendors

Incident Management

Manage Incident Lifecycle for multi-department issue tracking & resolution

Problem Management

Analyze underlying Root Cause of Multiple Incidents and provide permanent fixes to recurring ones

CMDB & Asset Management

Centralized repository of all assets for in-depth tracking of status, warranty and other important information

SLA Management

Ensure On-Time Incident Resolution with Comprehensive SLA Templates

Task Management

Manage day-to-day granular tasks across multiple departments for improved collaboration and tracking

Change Management

Conveniently schedule changes to be mapped, speed up the change process and reduce service outages

Knowledge Base Management

Access, publish and download data from anywhere anytime to maintain regular business-critical operations